NRAstore Merchandise Buyer


This position works at NRA Headquarters; no telework.

Serves as a product purchasing agent for the NRAstore, NRA Tactical and

NRA Country brands. In addition to product purchasing responsibilities, assists with development
and implementation of sales promotions across multiple channels, including printed catalog,
websites, blogs, social media and regular targeted e-mail blasts.

Additional duties may include, but are not limited to copywriting, conceptual development of
advertising materials, graphic generation, image manipulation, content generation, content updating,
photographic art direction, trade show setups, video product demonstrations and public interaction as
an NRA representative. Knowledge of and support for the mission of the National Rifle Association.


1. Actively evaluates, develops and purchases new products for NRAstore, within departmental guidelines.

2. Conceives, designs and develops proprietary NRA branded products, within departmental guidelines.

3. Analyzes historical sales data, identifying merchandise categories with high sales potential in an
accurate and timely manner.

4. Analyzes market trends in an accurate and timely manner.

5. Monitors, in a timely manner, competitors to identify and exploit buying trends, with the goal of
increasing NRAstore sales and profits.

6. Tests and evaluates, within departmental guidelines, potential products.

7. Writes advertising sales copy for NRAstore products in an accurate and timely manner.

8. Participates in hands-on involvement with all NRAstore promotions, including, but not limited to e-mail,
website, direct mail, magazine, newsletter and periodical ads, video product demonstrations and printed
catalog, as directed.

9. Participates in hands-on involvement with printed catalog preparation, including photography, layout,
product placement, special promotions, copywriting and proofreading, as directed.

10. Provides content contributions and moderation for the website, blogs, product reviews,
catalog copy and other sales related initiatives as required.

11. Positions and merchandises, within departmental guidelines, NRAstore products in printed catalogs,
e-mails, physical store and remote events.

12. Interacts with the NRA technical department to facilitate implementation of marketing programs in a
timely manner.

13. Assists, as required, with day-to-day maintenance of website.

14. Develops and nurtures, within departmental guidelines, business relationships with existing and
potential vendors.

15. Negotiates favorable cost options, price breaks and terms for the NRAstore, within departmental

16. Troubleshoots and resolves vendor disputes in a timely manner.

17. Interacts directly with customers via e-mail and telephone in response to product inquiries or problems,
in a timely manner.

18. Interacts with and supervises outside service vendors including, but not limited to printers and freelance
creative talent, within departmental guidelines.

19. Participates, as required, directly in the operation of the brick-and-mortar NRAstore at the Museum.

20. Directly participates in onsite retail sales at in-house and remote events, including loading/unloading
of trucks, cash register operation, stocking, shipping, receiving, and supervision of volunteers.

21. Attends industry trade shows as directed.


The NRAstore Merchandise Buyer functions as a product selector, reviewer, evaluator, developer and marketer
for the NRAstore. This position is the liaison between the NRAstore and its customers, NRA members, product
vendors, service vendors, NRA staff, and NRA fulfillment center(s). Moderate local and national travel is required.
Moderate overtime and weekend work is required. This position functions in a fast paced work environment, with
minimal direct supervision. Position requires the ability to stand for extended periods of time, as well as lifting
and carrying 20 lbs.


B.A./ B.S. in communications, marketing, management, business or a related field, or 5+ years experience in a
catalog, retail or e-commerce store enterprise, including vendor relations, new product acquisition and development,
sales and marketing is required. Familiarity with the outdoor/sporting/firearms industry is preferred.
Sales/purchasing/product development experience is preferred.


Experience with marketing techniques and an understanding of the NRAstore customer/member demographic critical.
Ability to willingly work in a fast-paced, small team environment, managing multiple projects and meeting stringent
deadlines essential. Research, analytical and problem resolution skills essential. Intermediate knowledge of PC
platforms, graphics software and Microsoft Office essential. Proven ability to effectively formulate and present
proposals for maximizing sales required. Strong command of English and excellent oral and written communication
skills required. Outstanding human relation skills, tact, professional decorum and a strong work ethic mandatory. A
demonstrated ability to supervise and motivate outside service vendors essential. Graphic design skills, to include
familiarity with Adobe Creative Suite [specifically Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator] are a plus.


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