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NRA Library
California Gun Laws: 2nd Edition
Catalog Number: BK 01568

By: C.D. Michel

California gun owners have lots of legal responsibilities. State statues regulating the manufacture, distribution, sale, possession and use of firearms now number over 800! That doesn’t even include administrative regulations, local ordinances and the thousands of federal laws regulating firearms that apply in California too. With all the overlapping rules, it’s no wonder that there is confusion among California gun owners, and even among police, prosecutors and judges. This book has the answers. The author, C.D. Michel has been litigating civil and criminal firearm cases since 1991 as an attorney for the National Rifle Association and numerous others in the industry. Along with current law, the updated 2nd Edition also covers new laws taking effect in 2014, including:

• New restrictions on “large-capacity magazine conversion kits”
• How long guns are now automatically registered at the time of purchase from a dealer
• The lead hunting ammunition ban
• Limits on Dealer Record of Sale (DROS) delays
• The new Firearm Safety Certificate requirement
• An expanded discussion of how firearm carry laws apply to law enforcement
• The new firearm storage requirements
• Detailed coverage of the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA)
• The ban on the carry of non-handguns
• New laws regulating the carry of long guns in public
• Clarification and explanation of the new registration requirements for long guns
• A more detailed history of California’s “assault weapon” law

The 2nd Edition also has over 100 pages of new tables and illustrations to simplify the law and help you understand how the rules may affect you. Paperback. 468 pages.