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NRA Classic Elastic Belly Holster
Catalog Number: SA 329
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NRA Classic Elastic Belly Holster
NRA Classic Elastic Belly Holster
NRA Classic Elastic Belly Holster

Those who conceal carry are usually obligated to wear a jacket and/or and untucked shirt in order to achieve functional concealment. Wouldn’t it be great to have the option to carry concealed without these traditional restraints? Belly holsters are a well-kept secret with experienced CCW practitioners. Why? Well, to start with, they are versatile and affordable. Then, consider that small to medium sized handguns secured in an elastic belly holster are much less obvious than those in more conventional waistband holsters. Our NRA Elastic Belly Holsters are constructed of tough, 5” wide elastic banding, designed with 4” Velcro® closures to provide an individual, custom fit. Elastic holsters and magazine slots are securely sewn to the exterior surface. Unlike many similar holsters that rely upon friction to retain your firearms, the NRA Elastic Belly Holsters all come with a Velcro® backed snap thumb break that may be positioned to accommodate any handgun in varying positions. This provides an extra measure of security, and the thumb breaks may be completely removed if desired. The versatility of our Elastic Belly Holsters is unsurpassed --- wear it near the waist and rotate it to place your gun in the ideal drawing position. Or, wear it higher on your chest, placing your handgun in position for armpit draw. If you’re looking for a versatile, alternative method for concealed carry, look no further! the NRA logo is subtly embroidered in black near the front closure. Color: Black. Made in the USA. Ambidextrous model features right and left holsters and mag slots. Includes adjustable, removable snap thumb break. For small to medium sized handguns. Holster dimensions: 3½" wide at top; 2¼" wide at bottom (elastic is very expandable). Magazine pouch dimensions: 2¼" wide. Waist sizes: M (32-36), L (36-40), XL (40-44), XXL (44-48).  

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