NRA Dual Damper Shooting & Sighting Rest

NRA Dual Damper Shooting & Sighting Rest
SA 24398

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The NRA Dual Damper Shooting Rest provides maximum repeatability, allowing shooters to sight in a rifle with extreme precision. Also great for testing ammo, this rest was designed to progressively absorb the recoil of the most commonly used calibers in America, from .338 Win Mag down to 5.56/.223. Two nitrogen-filled compression dampers, fixed to the lower frame, absorb the recoil and return the gun to repeat firing position. Windage adjustments can be made from either side of the rest. The elevation can be operated by hand with a capstan style knob, which moves the forward gun support up or down and can be locked in place with the T-handled bolt. A remote hydraulic trigger release eliminates any possibility of shooter-induced error. The Dual Damper Shooting Rest removes the variables for sighting-in a rifle, informing user whether to focus improvements on the rifle, the ammunition, or the shooter. Imported.

Technical Specifications

• Dimensions: 28 5/8”L x 12”W x 7¾”D
• Weight: 17¾ lbs.
• Provides maximum repeatability
• Progressively absorbs recoil pulse
• Dual nitrogen compression dampers
• Windage and elevation adjustable
• Removes variables for sighting-in a rifle
• Includes magnetic level and remote hydraulic trigger release
• NRA logo medallion


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Technical Specifications

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SKU SA 24398


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