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NRA Firearms Sourcebook
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Without question the most comprehensive review of technical gun knowledge, ballistics, safety and firearms history ever compiled into a single volume! The newest printing of the NRA Firearms Sourcebook includes updated timelines and sources, along with seemingly endless information on gun safety principles, ballistics data, firearms design and assembly, shooters' terminology and much more. Produced by NRA Publications, this respected compendium has been expanded to 534 pages. It distills over 130 years of accumulated firearms information into a single format that remains accessible and relevant to gun owners today. If you ever wondered how rifling is made, or wind drift is calculated, or how collectors grade firearms ' this is the book for you! Softcover. 534 pages.
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OK for reference but not that useful overall. by macman - posted on 10/20/2016
This book is somewhat dated, apparently not having been updated in several years. While there is much interesting information, a lot is lacking. For example, in the section on bullets there is no discussion of the various lubrication techniques used to reduce friction when a bullet is fired such as copper plating or incorporating carbon into the lead, i.e. black lead. In fact, the index has no listing for lubrication.

The fireman mechanisms section is way too general and the drawing details somewhat difficult to see.

The section on reloading is largely useless and is not even mentioned in the index.

Finally, it would have been nice to have more of a written history of firearms instead of just a list of dates on firearm and ammo development.

Still, there is enough useful information in the book to make it useful as a reference which is why I gave it three stars instead of two.


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